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TruckSmarter Referral Program

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You can refer fellow owner-operators to TruckSmarter and earn rewards! Read on to learn more.

💡 Terms and Conditions apply.

Earn referral rewards

Refer a friend

Track your referrals

View referral rewards


Earn referral rewards

To earn referral rewards, you can either refer a friend or receive a referral from a friend. There are various ways to earn referral rewards: 

If you have been referred, the redemption criteria for each reward is the following:

Connect a load board to TruckSmarter

This reward will be deposited as fuel credit for you and the friend that referred you. You cannot earn this reward if your TruckSmarter account was created prior to receiving a referral link.

Pump 100+ gallons with TruckSmarter Fuel

This reward will be deposited as fuel credit for you and the friend that referred you. You cannot earn this reward if you have already completed a fuel reservation with TruckSmarter Fuel.

Factor a load with TruckSmarter Factoring

If you have signed up for TruckSmarter Factoring, this reward will be rewarded as cash into your TruckSmarter account and the friend that referred you will receive the equal amount in fuel credits. You cannot earn this reward if TruckSmarter Factoring has already purchased one of your invoices.

⌛ Note the following time-sensitive requirements:

  • All referral rewards will expire 30 days after signing up for TruckSmarter. You cannot use a new referral link after a reward has expired.
  • Fuel credits expire after 6 months.


Refer a friend

It's quick and easy to share your TruckSmarter referral link with a friend. First, navigate to the Profile tab and open the Referrals menu. Then, tap the Refer a friend button to select your method of sharing. Alternatively, you can tap the Copy icon to copy the referral to your phone's clipboard.

If your friend opens the referral link and does not have the TruckSmarter app installed, they will be directed to the TruckSmarter website to sign up for TruckSmarter and download the TruckSmarter app. If your friend already has a TruckSmarter account and the TruckSmarter app is installed on their phone, the referral link will open the TruckSmarter app immediately.

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Track your referrals

After referring a friend, you can track their progress by navigating to the Profile tab, opening the Referrals menu, and selecting the Track referrals button. This screen will display all of the friends you have referred, what rewards they have completed, and the total amount of rewards you have earned.

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View referral rewards

To view your referral rewards, navigate to the Profile tab and open the Referral rewards menu. A reward can be in one of three states: incomplete, completed, or expired.

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