Update invoice line items

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If you have already submitted an invoice and need to edit the line items (even after the invoice has been paid), you can do so by following the steps outlined in this article. 

💡 Alternatively, if you need to edit the documents you have already uploaded for a submitted invoice, please see the Edit your submitted invoice article.


1. Select the submitted invoice

In this example, we want to remove the Detention line item from our submitted invoice and add a new lumper receipt. First, you must open the specific invoice from within the Factoring menu. After opening the specific invoice, scroll to the bottom and select the Contact Support button to begin the process.

Frame 2.png


2. Change invoice line items

From the Support screen, we will select the Change invoice line items option to review our previously submitted line items. Next, we select Edit Line Items to move on to the Edit Accessorials screen.

Frame 3.png


3. Edit accessorials

From the Edit Accessorials pane, we can delete the $100 Detention accessorial and enter in the new lumper details accordingly. After adding the lumper details, click Continue to move to the Edit Deductions pane. In our example we do not need to edit the deductions so we will tap Continue to proceed to the final step.

Frame 4.png


4. Add documentation

We must add the new invoice documentation so that TruckSmarter Support can review the changes. First, we will tap to add the updated rate confirmation. We can select the updated rate confirmation from our phone's file system to upload the new document.   

Frame 5.png


Lastly, we will upload the updated lumper receipt. Once we have finished uploading all of our new documentation, we can tap Submit to complete the process. After completing these steps, TruckSmarter Support will be notified of the changes and will review the new information soon. We appreciate your patience while we work to process your invoice!

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