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Connecting your Gmail to TruckSmarter for automatic invoices

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TruckSmarter has integrated with Gmail to provide you with a safe and secure way to automatically import invoices from your Gmail account. By connecting your Gmail, TruckSmarter will quickly scan your inbox for rate confirmations and create draft invoices so that you do not have to create them manually. This article will walk you through the steps on how to connect your Gmail to save your time when managing your invoices.

Please note that TruckSmarter only supports Gmail accounts at this time and that TruckSmarter will never share access to your Gmail with any third parties.

Connecting your Gmail account

Disconnecting your Gmail account


Walkthrough video


Connecting your Gmail account


If your mobile device is an iPhone and you have Private Relay enabled, you must first temporarily disable Private Relay to connect your Gmail account. See the Troubleshooting section for more information. 

First, navigate to the Profile tab and select the Gmail connection menu.

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Next, tap the Connect button to begin the process. Tap Continue to open the Sign in with Google window.

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From there, select the Gmail account you would like to connect to TruckSmarter. Next, Google will ask you to grant TruckSmarter permission to connect to your Gmail account. Click Allow to complete the process.

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Once complete, TruckSmarter will immediately start scanning your inbox for any rate confirmations to create draft invoices. The automatically created invoices will be saved in the Drafts section of the My Loads tab.

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Disconnecting your Gmail account

You can disconnect your Gmail account if you no longer want TruckSmarter to scan your email and automatically draft invoices. First, navigate to the Profile tab, select the Gmail connection menu, and tap the Disconnect account on Google button to begin. 

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Tap Continue to open the Google Account menu. From the list of connections, scroll down or search for TruckSmarter. Select TruckSmarter to open the application settings.

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Find the section that declares TruckSmarter's access to view your email and select the See details button. Next, tap the Remove access button and confirm your choice to remove TruckSmarter's access to your Gmail account. 

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When I try to connect my Gmail on iPhone, I am asked to log in to the TruckSmarter web app.

If you are an iPhone user and you are being asked to log in to the TruckSmarter web app when you try to connect your Gmail, this likely means that you have enabled Apple's Private Relay setting. You must temporarily disable Private Relay to connect your Gmail account to TruckSmarter. First, navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone, open your Apple ID account, and select the iCloud menu.

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Scroll down and open the Private Relay menu. Once there, tap the Private Relay toggle. You will be asked to confirm turning off Private Relay — you can select the Turn Off Until Tomorrow option to ensure that Private Relay is re-enabled automatically. Now you can follow the steps outlined in the Connecting your Gmail account section.

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Walkthrough video

You can watch this short video on learn how the connection process works: