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Creating invoices for brokers

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TruckSmarter understands how difficult it can be to manage all of the paperwork of running your business on the road. That's why we've built an easy way for you to create an invoice from within the TruckSmarter app. Not only can you upload your documents, but you can also email the invoices directly to brokers or your factoring company with a simple tap.

Plus, you can now connect your Gmail account to the TruckSmarter app so that your inbox can be automatically scanned for any attached rate confirmations to make invoicing easier for you. Read on to learn more!

Creating an invoice

Creating a draft

Connect your Gmail account for automatic invoices


Creating an invoice

First, navigate to the My loads tab, select the Invoices menu, and tap the Create invoice button to begin the process. First, we must upload our Rate confirmation — in this example, we have selected a rate confirmation from our phone's file system: 

Frame 1.png

If you upload the wrong document by accident, you can easily delete the document by tapping the Delete button in the top right of the document.

Frame 2.png

Next, TruckSmarter will scan the contents of the rate confirmation to retrieve key information such as the Load ID, Line Haul, or Accessorials. Make sure to review the information at this step to confirm that the information is correct — if necessary you can manually edit this information. Next, upload any additional documents such the Signed proof of delivery or any other relevant documents.

Frame 3.png

At this step in our example we will be sending the invoice directly to the broker, so we have selected the Send invoice directly option. Next, we choose the broker and enter the broker email address. Then, we enter the ACH and Check payment information. Finally, we confirm our business information and add any optional notes to include in our invoice email.  

Frame 4.png

Now, review all of the final invoice details. Once you are ready, tap the Review and send button to send the invoice email.   

Frame 5.png


Creating a draft

If you must pause creating your invoice at any step and want to return to it later, you can tap the X button at the top-left of the pane. Tap the Save draft button to save your invoice at this step — it will remain in the Drafts section of the My loads tab for to revisit in the future.

Frame 6.png


Connect your Gmail for automatic invoices

See our Connecting your Gmail to TruckSmarter for automatic invoices article for more information.