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Factoring rate structure

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TruckSmarter Factoring offers a transparent dynamic factoring rate structure that is designed to give you greater control over your factoring fee. With this new approach, your factoring fee can decrease as your invoice volume increases, rewarding you for your growth and success. Alternatively, if you only want to factor a few invoices with us, we’re happy to provide the same first-class, high quality service although at a slightly higher rate.

Rate table

How to influence your rate


Rate table

The below table shows the maximum rate we will charge if your monthly invoice volume falls within the listed tier. As your invoice volume grows, we’ll check in and adjust your rate. For more information, read the How to influence your rate section to learn how to decrease your rate.

Monthly invoice volume Maximum rate
$0-12k 3%
$12k-36k 2.75%
$36k-75k 2.5%
$75k+ 2%


How to influence your rate

The simplest way to influence your rate is through your monthly invoice volume. Use our free load board to find more loads to grow your invoice volume, and review our Broker Directory to find a trustworthy broker with whom you can grow your invoice size.

As your monthly invoice volume increases, your factoring rate will decrease. When this occurs, a TruckSmarter account manager will contact you to update your rate. You can also contact TruckSmarter Factoring at (872) 299-6110.

New to freight? Check out our How to start your trucking business article on how to get started and which brokers to work with in the early days of your authority. We know it can be challenging to get started — TruckSmarter is here to help!