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Saving a lane

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To find loads faster, you can save frequently used filters directly in the TruckSmarter app!

Create a saved lane

View your saved lane

Delete a saved lane


Create a saved lane

First, navigate to the Book tab and select the 🔍Search button in the top-right:


Next, adjust your search with your desired parameters (pickup/destination, trailer type, brokers, etc). Any adjusted value in the search filter can be saved! In this example, we are searching for a load from Jersey City to Boston for a Van trailer type with a minimum weight of 20,000 pounds and a minimum trailer length of 50 feet:


Once you are happy with your search filter, click the yellow bookmark in the top-right corner to save the lane:



View your saved lanes

Navigate to the Saved tab at the top to view all of your saved lanes. Simply click on any saved lane to immediately search with your filter!



Delete a saved lane

⚠️ Deleting a saved lane cannot be undone!

If you want to remove a saved lane, simply tap the 🗑️ Delete button beneath a saved lane: